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If you have an Apple iPhone SDK kit that you purchased from Apple you should be able to check out the current Squeak VM SVN
then compile and install the VM on your iPod Touch or iPhone by following the instructions from Apple to build an application
for personal installation on your device.

If you do not have an Apple SDK, then you must (at this time) talk to someone who owns an Apple iPhone SDK kit. That person
can build an AdHoc application that will run for ONE YEAR on upto 100 devices.

Currently John McIntosh is offering that service, you must then email him with your iPod Touch or iPhone's UUID

{more later after breakfast}

From time to time he will build a new VM and place that at

you must download the
and the
or later version of the VM

drag both files to iTunes when your iPod or iPhone is connected to have iTunes install the VM on your device.

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