There are a number of minor changes to the standard Squeak image to support the iPhone/iPod Touch.

The VM is altered to expose Touch events as complex event types. This work is done in the VM, but requires a change to the VM code to enable the
event to come up from the primitiveNextEvent, unless you are building a VM you do NOT NEED this change set. The other change is to EventSensor to enable you to read the acceleration, location, and mutl-touch events.

Both change sets are found via MC

Touch Events:

Please note it only deals with one finger, and there are some bugs in the 2.0x iPhone software which result in bogus events
Please review the Smalltalk code to understand the implications. Also untested yet is the "self error" we throw when a touch down
is cancelled as a result of an incoming phone call.

Pharo users

The Pharo code alters InputEventSensor and EventSensor

Using VNC
Use the RFB package from
	location: ''
	user: ''
	password: ''

The Objective-C bridge is found at
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