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~-[[SqueakViewHide How to hide the Squeak Morphic View]]
~- [[SplashMe A Splash Screen]]
~-[[ViewTransition View transitions as a result of button press]]
~-[[UIImageToJPeg UIImage to JPEG data snippet]]
~-[[ActivityView Activity Swirler snippet]]
~-[[NotificationCenter Using NSNotificationCenter for Application Will Terminate callbacks]]
~-[[NotificationCenterKeyboard Using NSNotificationCenter for Keyboard show/hide]]
~-[[UITextView Working with a UITextView for keyboard input support]]
~-[[ValueHolder Working with a Label in a View]]
~-[[DummyProxy Working with a proxy for UILabel or UISlider to avoid deadlocks]]
~-[[UITextViewText Danger of 'text', or properties that aren't properties]]
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