EventTypeComplex := 6.

"types for touch events"

Technically the event comes up as an array of integers, this was changed to allow the 4th indexed item to be a Smalltalk Object

typedef struct sqComplexEvent
int type; unsigned int timeStamp; int action; usqInt objectPointer; int unused1; int unused2; int unused3; int windowIndex; } sqComplexEvent;

The 4th item contains the following Smalltalk Objects

interpreterProxy->storePointerofObjectwithValue(0, storageArea, squeakMSTime);
interpreterProxy->storePointerofObjectwithValue(1, storageArea, timeStamp);
interpreterProxy->storePointerofObjectwithValue(2, storageArea, phase);
interpreterProxy->storePointerofObjectwithValue(3, storageArea, tapCount);
interpreterProxy->storePointerofObjectwithValue(4, storageArea, window);
interpreterProxy->storePointerofObjectwithValue(5, storageArea, view);
interpreterProxy->storePointerofObjectwithValue(6, storageArea, locationInViewX);
interpreterProxy->storePointerofObjectwithValue(7, storageArea, locationInViewY);
interpreterProxy->storePointerofObjectwithValue(8, storageArea, previousLocationInViewX);
interpreterProxy->storePointerofObjectwithValue(9, storageArea, previousLocationInViewY);

typedef enum {
UITouchPhaseBegan, = 0 whenever a finger touches the surface.
UITouchPhaseMoved, 1
whenever a finger moves on the surface.
UITouchPhaseStationary, 2 whenever a finger is touching the surface but hasn't moved since the previous event.
UITouchPhaseEnded, 3
whenever a finger leaves the surface.
UITouchPhaseCancelled, 4 whenever a touch doesn't end but we need to stop tracking (e.g. putting device to face)

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