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{{image url="images/iSqueak.png" alt="iSqueak logo" class="left" title="Welcome to the iSqueak site!"}}
=== Home of the iPhone/Touch/iPad port of [[ Squeak]] ===

{{image url="/uploads/Upload/bronz2008.jpg" class="left" title="ESUG 2008 bronze" alt="ESUG 2008 bronze"}}
iSqueak: Squeak for (i)Touch Devices (Squeak)
wins 3rd Place in the ESUG Innovation Awards

[[ Here's a video of iSqueak in action]]
[[ Here's a audio track discussing the iSqueak development]]

Yes it lives on the iPad, lots of work to do...

== Quicklinks ==
~-[[License License For iSqueak]]
~-[[AdHocVM Getting and Installing the AdHoc VM]]
~-[[ChangeSets Change Sets for Squeak]]
~-[[ObjectiveC Objective C Bridge]]
~-[[CodeSamples * * * Code Samples * * *]]
~-[[PlatformVMAPI VM API Documentation]]
~-[[ Scratch for the iPhone, available now]]
~-[[ Fraction - a fraction(s) and factorial calculator for the iPhone, available now]]

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