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These are the basic api routines you need to implement when you compile the source code without
the majority of the plugins

sqInt ioExit(void)
sqInt ioDisablePowerManager(sqInt disableIfNonZero)
sqInt ioMicroMSecs(void)
sqInt ioMSecs(void)
sqInt ioLowResMSecs(void)
sqInt ioRelinquishProcessorForMicroseconds(sqInt microSeconds)
sqInt dir_Lookup(char *pathString, . . . )
sqInt dir_Create(char *pathString, sqInt pathStringLength)
sqInt dir_Delete(char *pathString, sqInt pathStringLength)
sqInt dir_Delimitor(void)
sqInt dir_SetMacFileTypeAndCreator(char *filename, sqInt filenameSize, char *fType, char *fCreator)
sqInt dir_GetMacFileTypeAndCreator(char *filename, sqInt filenameSize, char *fType, char *fCreator)
sqInt dir_PathToWorkingDir(char *pathName, sqInt pathNameMax)
int sqFTruncate(filenum, fileoffset)
sqInt getAttributeIntoLength(sqInt indexNumber, sqInt byteArrayIndex, sqInt length)
sqInt attributeSize(sqInt indexNumber)
sqInt sqGetFilenameFromString(char * aCharBuffer, char * aFilenameString, sqInt filenameLength, sqInt resolveAlias)
sqInt ioScreenSize(void)
sqInt ioScreenDepth(void)
sqInt ioHasDisplayDepth(sqInt depth)
sqInt ioForceDisplayUpdate(void)
sqInt display_ioShowDisplay(sqInt dispBitsIndex, sqInt width, sqInt height, sqInt depth, sqInt affectedL, sqInt affectedR, sqInt affectedT, sqInt affectedB)
sqInt ioProcessEvents(void)
sqInt ioSetInputSemaphore(sqInt semaIndex)
sqInt ioGetNextEvent( sqInputEvent *evt)
sqInt ioBeep(void)
sqInt sqAllocateMemory(minHeapSize, desiredHeapSize)
sqInt sqGrowMemoryBy(sqInt oldLimit, sqInt delta)
sqInt sqShrinkMemoryBy(sqInt oldLimit, sqInt delta)
sqInt sqMemoryExtraBytesLeft(sqInt includingSwap)
sqInt reserveExtraCHeapBytes(origHeapSize, bytesToReserve))
char *getImageName(void)
sqInt imageNamePutLength(sqInt sqImageNameIndex, sqInt length)
sqInt imageNameGetLength(sqInt sqImageNameIndex, sqInt length)
sqInt imageNameSize(void)
sqInt vmPathSize(void)
sqInt vmPathGetLength(sqInt sqVMPathIndex, sqInt length)
sqImageFileClose sqImageFileOpen sqImageFilePosition sqImageFileRead sqImageFileSeek sqImageFileWrite sqImageFileStartLocation
sqInt ioFormPrint(sqInt bitsAddr, sqInt width, sqInt height, sqInt depth, double hScale, double vScale, sqInt landscapeFlag);
sqInt ioSetFullScreen(sqInt fullScreen)
sqInt ioSeconds(void)
sqInt ioSetCursor(sqInt cursorBitsIndex, sqInt offsetX, sqInt offsetY)
sqInt ioSetCursorWithMask(sqInt cursorBitsIndex, sqInt cursorMaskIndex, sqInt offsetX, sqInt offsetY)
sqInt ioSetCursorARGB(sqInt cursorBitsIndex, sqInt extentX, sqInt extentY, sqInt offsetX, sqInt offsetY)
sqInt ioSetDisplayMode(sqInt width, sqInt height, sqInt depth, sqInt fullscreenFlag)
sqInt ioGetButtonState(void); sqInt ioGetKeystroke(void); sqInt ioMousePoint(void); sqInt ioPeekKeystroke(void);

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