These setting are found in the iPhone Settings pane for Squeak:

Make Image writeable

Tells the VM to copy the image, changes files from the VM resource directory (which is read-only) to
the VM's Document directory which is read/write and point to that copy so that the image and changes file is writable. We also set an alias in the Document directory to point to the Squeak Sources file. After this happens on the next startup we will use the files in the Documents directory.

If you need to revert to the original image/changes file, you must delete the application from your iPhone. This is done by tap and hold to get the jiggling icons, then tap the (X) to delete the application.

Lastly developers can use the XCode organizer to pull back the contents of the Documents folder for an application to their desktop. However when you sync in iTunes the Document folder is also copied but appears to be stored as compress data in a database. (Unknown at this time how you extract that information).

Use Scrolling View

This setting tells Squeak to setup a scrolling view pane and sets the subview to 2x the size of the iPhone screen which becomes the Squeak Window. Otherwise if NO the Squeak window size is the size of the iPhone screen.


If anyone knows how to attach a label and feedback number to the slider via the Settings.bundle please let us know

This slider sets the amount of memory the application should use, it's defaulted to 32mb
left side is 2 MB, right size is 64MB

64 MB is about the upper limit for an application, you may not get that much memory
2MB is too small for any image, but it is hoped Squeak version 5.0 will allow images that small.

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