You can setup the supplied image to enable typing and mouse movement from a desktop VNC client to the squeak application on your iphone.

First you must disconnect your iphone from your desktop computer, ensure you have it connected to a wireless network.
After starting iSqueak it should show the TCP/IP address, if it shows or then restart Squeak.
Note at least in Canada a non-wifi 3G connection will give you an address of 10.x.x.x but you cannot connect to it, you must
be on a WiFi network.


- Invoke "start server" menu entry

- connect via VNC using the IP and an empty password

We note the supplied VNC client on the macintosh does not seem to work, but alternate products such as "Chicken of the VNC" do work.
But you must turn off ZLibHex compression in the "Chicken of the VNC" client, otherwise you will get a black screen not the squeak desktop

Once you get a connected then you should see the squeak desktop, from there you can use your mouse, keyboard, control/cmd keys etc.
If you turn on scrolling view in the settings then the desktop will be 2x the size of the device screen and easier to work with.

Because you have WIFI access you can of course get or put changes to an MC server, also consider if you need to set the make the image writtable setting so that you can save the image on the device. once saved you can use xCode to pull back the image from the device if you need to do this.

Lastly please note the default application does not include the iPhone.changes file (Likely need to consider changing that..)
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