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sqInt clearProfile(void);
sqInt dumpProfile(void);
sqInt startProfiling(void);
sqInt stopProfiling(void);

defined as
int clearProfile(void){return 0;}
int dumpProfile(void){return 0;}
int startProfiling(void){return 0;}
int stopProfiling(void) {return 0;}

**Parms**: NONE
**return**: NONE, fake return of zero
**From**: Interpreter
To enable profiling.

12 years back when light-speed C was the way to do macintosh development, and the windows and linux port still were underway the primitive tool set on the macintosh allowed you to collect run time statistics on call patterns and time to execute. To enable this you had to clear profiling, start profiling, stop profiling, and then dump profiling. Right so before the ability to have named primitived, plugins, FFI etc we dedicated a primitive or 4 to special purposes.

all return 0

all return 0

all return 0

all return 1

Windows returning 1 is meaningless, to fail a primitive you must set set the success flag
Really we could ditch these primitive

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