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======**sqInt clipboardSize(void)**======

**Parms**: NONE
**return**: size of clipboard item in bytes
**From**: Interpreter
Get size of clipboard item

We get size of clipboard item so we can see if we can load it, if it's too big, then the primitive fails.
After this call we invoke clipboardReadIntoAt to read a textual item

There is an extended clipboard plugin build for Sophie that lets you access items other than text.

Use NSPasteboard
[[possibleData precomposedStringWithCanonicalMapping] UTF8String]

Use UIPasteboard
[[possibleData precomposedStringWithCanonicalMapping] UTF8String]

Supported, gets data from X clipboard

Oddly get CF_UNICODETEXT, convert to CP_UTF8 and count characters, toss the extra lf from a crlf pair

Well the issue of CR for textual data versus CRLF rears up. Really I think any removal of data from the clipboard should be done in the image
versus being buried in the primitive code

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