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There are two choices.
(a) We use a tiled layer of CALayers that point to GCImage's. When the view is resized or created that triggers building a set of 4x4 tiles. The bottom, and right most tiles may not be the same size as the other tiles due to size/4 math. When the displayioShowDisplay happens we mark tiles that intersect with the drawing rectangle target as dirty. No actual drawing takes place.
Mostly uses the macintosh quartz logic, loads the RGB display space CGColorSpaceCreateDeviceRGB. But does not do the drawing here, a form is created and queued for processing. Later the flush display frame logic bundles up the pending queue of draw events and asks the main thread to draw them which is done by invalidating the unioned window rectangles. Later the operating system asks to update the drawing area which then removes the bundle of draw events from the queue and renders them to the drawing area.

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Somewhat simular to the sprit of the macintosh implementation but uses hand craft C code to perform the different depth conversion from the Form to the Display device. It's unclear if color mapping is respected.

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