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This is a global variable, likely for Hydra it should be hung off the VM interpreter local storage.

**From**: Interpreter writeImageFileIO, and snapshot and writeImageFile (set mac file type)
Storage for the image file name that is used by writeImageFileIO, has to be in file system representation
This is a bit messy since on the iPhone and OSX the imagePath is stored both as a URI and as a character string.
Has to be in platform encoding since it's used directly for platform IO routines

char *getImageName(void) populates imageName via
CFStringGetCString (imageNameString, target, IMAGE_NAME_SIZE, encoding); via
where imageName is
HFS+ imposes Unicode2.1 decomposed UTF-8 encoding on all path elements

See iPhone

uses imageNamePutLength to populate imageName as a result of findImageViaBundleOrPreferences

imageName is populated at image read time, if a partial path it's made absolute.

imageName is used to read the image file, it's populated at startup time. This is the reverse of other platforms where
a path is calculated to read the file, and later imageName is populated

how big is unclear and platform dependent.
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