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#define insufficientMemoryAvailableError() error("Failed to allocate memory for the heap")

**Parms**: NONE
**return**: NONE, fake return of zero
**From**: Interpreter
Terminate message if we cannot allocate the requested memory needed for the image

When the image starts up, we first determine if we can allocation enough memory for the image, if not that results in the insufficientMemorySpecifiedError error. However we might think we can allocation the memory, but when we do the attempt we
find out it cannot be allocated, if so then this define is invoked.

See comments about insufficientMemorySpecifiedError

See iPhone

#define insufficientMemoryAvailableError() plugInNotifyUser("There is not enough memory to give Squeak the amount specified by the Setting Slider")



The macintosh version needs to be check
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