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======**sqInt ioBeep(void)**======

**Parms**: NONE
**return**: NONE, fake return of zero
**From**: Interpreter
to beep

Generally we use the most direct way to play an alert sound.
Some platforms may play this sound asynchronously.
This avoids having the Squeak VM startup the huge sound system to Beep.
Sadly the "self beep" now runs off to the sound system, you must call Beeper beepPrimitive to invoke this logic.

OS-9 etc would play the sound and wait. In os-x it would play asynchronously. If you
had a beep/quit VM type of action then it was possible you would never hear the beep in os-x, as compared to os-9
invokes SysBeep(1000)


kSystemSoundID_Vibrate or


call MessageBeep()


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