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======**sqInt ioDisablePowerManager(sqInt disableIfNonZero)**======

**Parms**: disableIfNonZero, if > 0 disable, if zero enable
**return**: NONE, fake return of zero or one?
**From**: Interpreter
This method was added to support the ability to turn on/off power managers on laptops.
Not supported, is hardware dependent.

Turn power management off, use more power to make VM run faster.

The early macintosh os-9 based laptops would actually pause for say 100 ms, that would
disrupt Squeak animation so we added this call so the powerbook 3400 would run squeak better
when on Battery. Other powerbooks would nano-sleep the cpu, or reduce cpu mhz so running on
the battery would be slower but not have the same bad visual effect.

returns zero

See iPhone

returns zero

returns true

Sets success flag to false, which fails the prim call

Windows VM I think fails the primitives, other platforms ignore it.
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