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======**sqInt ioFormPrint(sqInt bitsAddr, sqInt width, sqInt height, sqInt depth,
double hScale, double vScale, sqInt landscapeFlag);**======

bitsAddress oops address where the bits are
width width
height height
depth pixel depth
hScale Horizontal scale upto
vScale Vertical scale upto

**return**: NONE, fake return of zero
**From**: Interpreter
Basic printing.

Long ago there was some attempt to enable printing from the image. that required sending a bitmap, indicating it's size, and depth, supply some scaling information to deal with pixel versus dpi, and if we wanted landscape versus portrait. This was implemented on windows and unix. The macintosh implementation used the printJob plugin which proved more control over the printing process and the ability to print postscript. Later in Sophie we moved towards using Rome to generate PDF.

int ioFormPrint(int bitsAddr, int width, int height, int depth, double hScale, double vScale, int landscapeFlag) {
/* experimental: print a form with the given bitmap, width, height, and depth at
the given horizontal and vertical scales in the given orientation
However John Mcintosh has introduced a printjob class and plugin to replace this primitive */
#pragma unused( bitsAddr, width, height, depth, hScale, vScale, landscapeFlag)
return true;

Not implemented

Printing doesn't seem to be a feature?

Attempt to use pnmtops to print it

Attempt to send the image to the default printer, assuming the VM supports this feature


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