sqInt ioGetButtonState(void);
sqInt ioGetKeystroke(void);
sqInt ioMousePoint(void);
sqInt ioPeekKeystroke(void);

Obsolete, implement as

sqInt ioGetButtonState() {return 0;}
sqInt ioGetKeystroke() {return -1;} return -1 to get primitive to return null, otherwise it returns keycode of value (like zero for nil)
sqInt ioMousePoint() {return 0;}
sqInt ioPeekKeystroke() {return 0;}

various VMs for historical reasons might implement these to support legacy images, or say the mini.image
These images do not have the EventSensor class, only InputSensor. If they have EventSensor then an attempt is
made to use the getNextEvent logic and cache any event data in EventSensor in case someone attempts to use the legacy calls.

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