sqInt ioSetCursorARGB(sqInt cursorBitsIndex, sqInt extentX, sqInt extentY, sqInt offsetX, sqInt offsetY)

cursorBitsIndex oops pointer to the bits
extentx how many pixels in X
extentY how many pixels in Y
offsetX offset for hotspot X
offsetY offset for hotspot Y
return: NONE, fake return of zero
From: Interpreter
To paint a ARGB cursor

This code comes via the OLPC folks to support much larger and more complex cursors that were required on the OLPC since it has a much higher dpi resolution and the original cursor size was a bit too small to visually see.
ARGB refers to the expected color arrangement in the 32bits (Alpha, Red, Green, Blue)

We support this, although it looks a bit funny, however this enables testing etc for the OLPC code path for eToys
Thanks to Bert for providing the code
It is NOT supported on os-x 10.2 or supported via the browser plugin feature
We make a NSBitmap, populate with the bits respecting ENDIANNESS, then an NSCursor which we show.

Same code from OSXCarbon via Bert to grind thru the bits to make a NSCursor

No cursor, return 0

If X Windows supports large cursors, then render away.

Not supported


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