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These are soceket based security callbacks. If they do not exist in the SecurityPlugin or if the SecurityPlugin does not exist they they are not used.

These security plugin calls then call the platform api calls

secDisableSocketAccess calls ioDisableSocketAccess -> allowSocketAccess : 0, return 1
secHasSocketAccess calls ioHasSocketAccess -> return allowSocketAccess
secCanConnectToPort calls ioCanConnectToPort -> return allowSocketAccess
secCanListenOnPort calls ioCanListenOnPort -> return allowSocketAccess
secCanCreateSocketOfType calls ioCanCreateSocketOfType -> return allowSocketAccess

Socket access is on by default, if turned off, then it's off. There is no fine grained logic,like allow listen, but not connect. It's either on for all or off.

mirror of windows code


mirror of windows code

mirror of windows code

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