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======**sqInt sqMemoryExtraBytesLeft(sqInt includingSwap)**======

includingSwap If true use swap space in calculation

**return**: bytes allocated for squeak oops space, but not used
**From**: Interpreter
To give indication how much more the image could grow.

This is very windows centric, it returns bytes left of allocated but not used space.
But on BSD systems we don't know or care about swap space size.

return gMaxHeapSize - gHeapSize;

See iPhone

return gMaxHeapSize - gHeapSize;

if using mmap return heapLimit - heapSize, otherwise zero

normally it's mStat.dwAvailPhys, but if includingSwap then also include mStat.dwAvailPageFile
adjust to maxReserved space (MAX_VIRTUAL_MEMORY= 512mb)

Most platforms have disagreement about what this means.
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